Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Eggs and Chicks.

Once again, the Hall family provided the school with, what we hoped would be, fertilised eggs to incubate and hatch at school.  The incubators were placed in Classes 2 and 5.

On day 14 (out of 21), Andy came into school and lamped the eggs to see which of the eggs were most likely to contain chicks.

On day 20, we noticed cheeping noises coming from the eggs and tiny cracks and holes were starting to be made by the eggs occupants.
We watched eggcitedly throughout the day until finally, Sebastian was 'born'.

So far, 2 chicks have hatched in class 5 and 6 in class 2. More photos to follow.

Chick update:

A total of 9 chicks have now hatched (one with very fluffy feet).

To view a video of a chick hatching, click here.
A big thank you to the Hall family for this wonderful experience.

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